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Flyer Diet

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The only natural pet food made especially for squirrels. Packed with fresh nuts for a taste your flyer will actually enjoy! Plus they provide all the calcium and other nutrients your flyer needs to prevent metabolic bone disease, fur loss, and other problems. Feed 1-2 blocks per day along with a Healthy Diet of veggies, wild foods, and limited fruit, treats, and nuts.

  • Regular Adult Formula squirrel diet
    Squirrel Blocks-Adult Formula
    Concentrated so you feed less!    For squirrels more than 5 months old. Our original formula is now even tastier...made with all pecans! Still 100% natural and fortified with all the essential nutrients...

  • Henry's Healthy Blocks - Picky Blocks for Picky Squirrels
    Picky Blocks-Adult Formula
    Concentrated so you feed less!  For picky squirrels that simply won't eat any kind of commercial rat block. Also gives your pet a change from regular blocks. Wheat flour and a touch of sweetness create a yummy "cookie...

  • Henry's Hi-Protein Blocks
    Hi-Protein Blocks - for Baby Squirrels and Flyers
    For Baby Squirrels and for Flying Squirrels of all ages. Now in a convenient 12 oz size. 100% complete nutrition plus the extra protein baby squirrels require until 5 months old, and flying squirrels need their entire lives...

  • Peanut Stix - Healthy Treats for Pet Squirrels
    Peanut Stix
    A delicious, healthy treat for squirrels, flyers, rats, mice, hamsters, and exotic pets. Packed with fresh peanuts and whole grains. Tastes like a peanut cookie but without the sugar, sodium, artificial colors and...

  • Henry's Healthy Blocks-Picky Formula
    MBD Treatment Kit
    $40.99 $36.99
    IMPORTANT: If your squirrel is showing any symptoms of MBD, you must begin calcium treatment immediately, even before your MBD kit arrives. Use Tums according to the Emergency Treatment for MBD, which you can find here:...

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