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Flyer Diet

The only natural pet food made especially for squirrels. Packed with fresh nuts for a taste your flyer will actually enjoy! Plus they provide all the calcium and other nutrients your flyer needs to prevent metabolic bone disease, fur loss, and other problems. Feed 1-2 blocks per day along with a Healthy Diet of veggies, wild foods, and limited fruit, treats, and nuts.

  • Regular Adult Formula squirrel diet
    $17.99 Squirrel Blocks-Adult Formula
    Concentrated so you feed less!    For squirrels more than 5 months old. Our original formula is now even tastier...made with all pecans! Still 100% natural and fortified with all the essential nutrients...
  • Henry's Healthy Blocks - Picky Blocks for Picky Squirrels
    $19.99 Picky Blocks-Adult Formula
    Concentrated so you feed less!  For picky squirrels that simply won't eat any kind of commercial rat block. Also gives your pet a change from regular blocks. Wheat flour and a touch of sweetness create a yummy "cookie...
  • Henry's Hi-Protein Blocks
    $15.99 Hi-Protein Blocks - for Baby Squirrels and Flyers
    For Baby Squirrels and for Flying Squirrels of all ages. Now in a convenient 12 oz size. 100% complete nutrition plus the extra protein baby squirrels require until 5 months old, and flying squirrels need their entire lives...
  • Peanut Stix - Healthy Treats for Pet Squirrels
    $5.99 $4.99 Peanut Stix
    A delicious, healthy treat for squirrels, flyers, rats, mice, hamsters, and exotic pets. Packed with fresh peanuts and whole grains. Tastes like a peanut cookie but without the sugar, sodium, artificial colors and...
  • Henry's Healthy Blocks-Picky Formula
    $40.99 $36.99 MBD Treatment Kit
    Everything you need to treat metabolic bone disease (MBD), a calcium deficiency that is common in pet squirrels and flyers who have not been eating blocks as part of their diet. Includes: Henry's Healthy Blocks-Picky...