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Florida Dept. of Agriculture Registered Feed Master, 2009-10 Feed Registrant #1501

What People are Saying About Henry's Healthy Blocks

Thanks to Henry's Healthy Blocks I don't have to worry about Ike not getting all the nutrition he needs. Ike wouldn't touch the store bought rodent block, but as soon as I gave him one of Henry's it was gone in no time. Thanks!

--Jessica, owned by Ike (Eastern grey squirrel), Houston, TX

No matter how many different brands of commercial Rodent Block I tried over the past couple of years, my 2-year-old grey wouldn't touch them. I gave her a Henry's Healthy Block and it was gone in no time. She's been eating them for months now, and the difference in her coat, and overall health is AMAZING!! I STRONGLY recommend them!

--Gammas, owned by Baby (Eastern grey squirrel)

Twitchy FINALLY got to sink his teeth in one yesterday. And another, and another..... He's eating them this AM too. They are definitely getting 2 paws up! Thanks again!

--Twitchy's mom

Thank you for the wonderful squirrel blocks. Mookie is so fussy that I worried he wouldn't like them but he does! I feel so much better knowing that he is getting a balanced diet with the blocks loaded with nutritious natural ingredients! Thanks also for the fast shipping and great packaging!

--Mookie's Mom

Henry's Healthy Blocks are the ONLY blocks Jack will touch...he just loves them!!!!!!

--Skwerlgirl, owned by Jack (Eastern grey)

Digi and Chipper would not touch any store brand of Rodent Block.They also would touch nothing I tried to make myself. After the 1st day of introducing them to Henry's Healthy Blocks, they now choose them first, even before treats! Their coats couldn't be healthier looking!

--Digi and Chipper's mom, FL

My Chipper wouldn't touch any store brand blocks either. I was very worried about her not having the vitamins she needed, but not any more. These squirrel blocks are such a hit. I was really surprised...even with the egg in it, they're perfect. Thank you so much...such a relief.

--Chipper's mom

I have 1 grey and 2 southern flying squirrels that love Henry's Healthy Blocks. They won't touch the store bought brands and I don't have to worry about them getting the proper nutrition. I strongly recommend these!!

--Jen, owned by Tweakerz and Bernie-n-Mac

I got your squirrel blocks in today and Minnie loved them. She had a big huge smile on her face and could not put them down. She is so happy to have gotten Henry's Healthy Blocks. Here is a picture of Minnie munching down on one of your tasty squirrel blocks.

--Minnie's Mom

My flying squirrels LOVE these squirrel blocks, and showed no strong interest in anything else. They don't just eat these blocks, they DEVOUR them! I know that my squirrel is geting the proper nutrition too!

--Phil, owned by Sweet Pea & Socrates (Southern flyers), Jacksonville, FL


Twitchy enjoying his Henry's Healthy Block.


Fallen, before starting to eat Henry's Healthy Blocks.


Fallen, after eating Henry's Healthy Blocks for two months.


Minnie enjoying her block.