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Vitamins and minerals for your squirrel.

  • Henry's Healthy Blocks-Picky Formula
    $40.99 $36.99 MBD Treatment Kit
    Everything you need to treat metabolic bone disease (MBD), a calcium deficiency that is common in pet squirrels and flyers who have not been eating blocks as part of their diet. Includes: Henry's Healthy Blocks-Picky...
  • Calcium carbonate powder
    $6.99 Calcium Carbonate Powder
    Pure calcium carbonate in a handy powdered form. Use for treating calcium deficiency or metabolic bone disease (MBD). Includes dosing guide. Net wt. 100g.
  • Henry's Healthy Vita-Mins
    $6.99 Choose Options Vita-Mins
    Our own vitamin/mineral mix in a handy powdered form. Made with 100% human-quality vitamins and minerals. Use as a supplement for animals that cannot eat blocks or regular foods due to injury, illness, or disability. With...
  • Protein Isolate
    $17.50 $13.99 Pure Protein Isolate
    100% pure whey protein isolate and wheat protein isolate. Net wt. 453g (1lb).