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Accessorize your pet's cage with our exclusive line of handmade pet beds and toys. Soft, sturdy and made with pet-safe materials - no foams or urethanes. Plus no flimsy nylon straps or plastic parts for your pet to chew! Machine washable/dryable and sturdy enough to last for years.

  • Cozy Cube - a secure and cozy sleeping spot for pet squirrels, sugar gliders, and ferrets
  • Cozy Cube Jr - sized for flyers, rats, and other small pets
  • Cozy Pocket - perfect for baby squirrels and flyers
  • Hammock - a cozy place to nap or hang out
  • Fringe Boa - encourages your pet to wrestle and climb
  • Jingle Buddy - irresistable toy that wobbles and jingles