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Henry's Healthy Pets in the News

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Roanoke Times prints article about Henry's Healthy Pets: "Floyd operation is a squirrelly business."

It's fun to watch people's reactions to the idea of a business based on squirrels. Disbelief, amusement, confusion. It's really quite simple: there are many thousands of squirrels in the care of humans throughout the world, and those squirrels need our products. But to most people this comes as quite a surprise, and so Henry's tends to attract a certain amount of attention. Apparently, the Roanoke Times decided the idea was interesting enough to be newsworthy:

Floyd Operation is a Squirrelly Business

The article mainly addresses the idea of how such a small niche business can be successful. Maybe next time we can get them to cover other important topics like wildlife laws, wildlife rescue, and pet food quality.