Miracle Luer-Lock O-Ring Syringes

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  • 3 ml luer-lock o-ring syringe
  • 5 ml luer-lock o-ring syringe
  • 10 ml luer-lock o-ring syringe
  • 20 ml luer-lock o-ring syringe


Luer-Lock O-Ring Syringes

These o-ring syringes are the best feeding syringes you can buy. Made in Denmark especially for animal care, they offer nonstick operation for better feeding control. Also available in slip-tip.

  • Washable and reusable again and again
  • Each syringe is sterile-packed and BPA-free
  • Black markings for easier reading
  • Non-toxic Ink
  • Fits our Silicone Mothering Nipples and Miracle Nipples


What's the difference between slip-tip and luer lock?

Slip-tip syringes have a long smooth tip.

  • Can be used with or without a nipple for feeding.
  • .5 ml, 1 ml, and 3 ml will fit all of our nipples except the Large Miracle Nipple.
  • 5 ml will not fit Miracle Nipples snugly, but will fit Silicone Mothering Nipples.
  • Available in .5 ml, 1 ml, 3 ml, and 5 ml sizes.

Luer-lock syringes have a short threaded barrel that will accept nipples and also screw-on needles (not sold here).

  • Must be used with a nipple for feeding.
  • Fits all of our nipples including the Large Miracle Nipple.
  • Available in 3, ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, and 20 ml sizes.
  • Fits all of our nipples including the Large Miracle Nipple.
Henry Recommends...
  • .5 ml - 3 ml for small mammals such as mice, squirrels, bunnies - birth to weaning
  • 3 ml - 5 ml for kittens and puppies - birth to 3 weeks
  • 5 ml - 20 ml for kittens and puppies 3 weeks and older, and for larger mammals
  • Buy at least 3 syringes for each baby

See our Baby Squirrel Care Guide.

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20 Reviews

  • 5
    Wildlife rehab to domestic

    Posted by Susan Andrews on 20th Aug 2019

    These are a must have for any Wildlife Rehabilitator. The O-ring allows for these to be reused many times, which is so cost effective for the smaller run rehabs to bigger facilities.

  • 5
    luer lock syringes

    Posted by michelle starman on 15th May 2019

    great love this and the miracle nipple perfect.

  • 5
    Feeding syringes

    Posted by George Conaway on 6th May 2019

    Very smooth operation, never bind or stick like typical medical style syringes.
    Easy to clean. 5 Stars

  • 5
    Luer-Lock Syringes

    Posted by Sue on 16th Apr 2019

    These are awesome!!! Regular syringes stick after a few feedings. They work great with both nipples from Henry's.

  • 1
    O-ring syringes

    Posted by Sheryl Mcwilliams on 8th Apr 2019

    I bought these to use with the miracle nipple. Unfortunately they are too short to attach to the nipple. I’m rehabbing a squirrel.

  • 3
    A little disappointed

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2018

    I really liked the syringes to begin with and they worked really good but after only 3 or 4 uses the numbers and letters began coming off of them. Now they aren't very useful for measuring out formula. I have never had that happen with other brand syringes I have used in the past so not sure if I got a bad batch or that is common for this brand.

    Henry's Response: We're sorry about the numbers washing off. The manufacturer switched to non-toxic ink a couple of years ago, and it washes off very quickly. Try wrapping the barrel of the syringe with clear packing tape.

  • 5
    Superior product!

    Posted by jessey52877@yahoo.com on 11th Oct 2018

    I had been using regular plunger syringes for months. I can’t tell you how much money I spend on all the syringes that went bad after a day or two of regular use. These are amazing! A little tape over the numbers and they last!

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2018

    Amazing for newborn kittens.

  • 5
    Can't get much better than these!

    Posted by Lindsay on 2nd Aug 2018

    I have gotten O-ring syringes from other sites and these are the best. All others are hard to push or completely feeeze after a single use. These just keep working. The printing will eventually rub off, but packing tape solves all problems.

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