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  • The Miracle Nipple Collection. Left to right: Large, Mini, and Regular sizes
  • "Mini Size" Miracle Nipple
  • "Regular Size" Miracle Nipple
  • "Large Size" Miracle Nipple Kit (2 large nipples, one 10ml syringe, and one 20ml syringe
  • Detail of "Large Size" Miracle Nipples
  • Miracle Nipple 10-pack -  Mini
  • Miracle Nipple 10-pack - Regular Size

Miracle Nipple

Ships within 24 hours

Product Description

Designed by a wildlife rehabber, this latex nipple features a kneading pad for little paws to grip and knead for more natural nursing. The oversized base also helps prevent accidental swallowing.

  • Fits our slip-tip and luer-lock syringes (see details below)
  • Also fits small nurser bottles for kittens and puppies*
  • Comes with a convenient pre-made hole
  • More durable than silicone
  • Washable and reusable. Wash with soap and hot water after each use
  • Made with care in the USA
  • Syringes sold separately

Miracle Nipple - Mini Size

The all-purpose nipple for kittens. Also for newborn squirrels, flyers, rats, mice, chipmunks, bunnies, newborn toy puppies, and other smaller mammals. Fits all of our syringes plus 2 oz nursing bottles. For best results, use with luer-lock syringes.*

Miracle Nipple - Regular Size

The all-purpose nipple for squirrels and other small mammals, including toy breed puppies, older kittens, bunnies, newborn raccoons, opossums and other small- to medium-sized mammals. Fits all of our syringes plus 2 oz nursing bottles. For best results, use with luer-lock syringes.*

Miracle Nipple - Large Size

For medium to large mammals such as raccoons, medium-large breed puppies, large exotic cats, coyotes, fox, bobcat, etc. Sold as a kit that includes 2 nipples and one 10 cc and one 20 cc luer-lock syringe. Fits our 5cc luer-lock, 10cc luer-lock, and 20cc luer-lock syringes plus larger nursing bottles.*

*Henry's recommends using syringes when feeding newborn baby mammals. A syringe allows you to control the flow precisely, with less chance of aspiration. Large puppies and older kittens may do fine with a bottle. Never use a bottle with baby squirrels, flyers, rats or mice at any age.

Product Reviews

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  1. Miracle nipples

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2018

    I prefer to use the miracle nipples, primarily because I don't need to make nipple openings and worry if they are too big or too small! They are perfect for the tiny kitten bottle babies. I will continue to use them exclusively.

  2. Awesome product. Quick delivery

    Posted by Robin Mason on 19th Dec 2017

    I was very happy to have such a user-friendly site. Delivery was very fast and products were exactly as stated. Work wonderfully! Now I am more confident to take in nursing kittens as I feel I can provide the best means to feed them properly.

  3. A true miracle

    Posted by Marguerite Brace on 13th Dec 2017

    Miracle Nipples are well named. I am involved in feline rescue and the nipples available in stores just don't work. Miracle Nipples do! The kittens accept them readily and being able to put them on syringes is great for small kittens as precise measurement of intake is so critical. I will never again be without Miracle Nipples!

  4. Happy Healthy Baby Squirrels

    Posted by Michelle, Panama City, Florida on 11th Oct 2017

    I am very pleased with miracle nipples. Before trying this product I was not happy with what I was using. Once I found these I'll never go back. They are worth the money and well priced. They last for many feedings and clean up is super easy.

  5. EXACTLY what every Rehabber needs- Novice to Expert!

    Posted by Marty on 9th Oct 2017

    Seriously- look no further- This is what you are looking for! This nipple is outstanding. You don't have to wonder if the hole is too big, or if the nipple will hold up to baby's teeth. When I see the little paws gripping and kneading the base of the nipple, I know the baby is comfortable! If I needed one item to raise wild babies, this is it! (A Luer Lock syringe is outstanding, as well.)
    Buy this NOW. You will not regret it!

  6. Awesome product!

    Posted by H. Asumen on 7th Oct 2017

    I'm new at the whole fostering kittens things and so I've bought several store brand kitten nursing kits and the nipple was just too big for these poor babies to suckle on! Now I'm not saying they're bad, since I have seen more experienced fosters able to make kittens suckle on them but I can't and I used to dread syringe feeding kittens because I was afraid I'd push too much milk and it would end up coming out of their nose. For a while I just assisted with nursing kittens while a more experienced foster (ahem vet sister) would watch over me. Now that I've found this miracle nipple I can nurse all by myself because kittens just latch on immediately! Just awesome, I don't have to worry about pushing too hard because kittens do all the work sucking the milk like they do from momma cat!

  7. Syringe nipples

    Posted by Teresa on 5th Oct 2017

    Very pleased

  8. Miracle Nipple

    Posted by Sandy on 26th Sep 2017

    I bought two sizes. The regular and the mini. I am fostering 6 newborn kittens and 2 needed assistance in nursing. They didn't like the regular very much but did great with the mini. I used the luer-lock syringe for feedings and it goes easy every time.
    Henry's Response: Yes, the "Mini" definitely works best for most kittens!

  9. Saved

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Sep 2017

    I got this for a friend with puppies and it saved their lives!

  10. Well worth the investment

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2017

    My baby squirrel loves this thing; it is natural and he does not choke on it

Showing reviews 1-10 of 98 | Next

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