Miracle Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringes

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  • .5 ml o-ring slip-tip syringe
  • 1 ml o-ring slip-tip syringe
  • 3 ml o-ring slip-tip syringe
  • 5 ml o-ring slip-tip syringe
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Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringes

These o-ring syringes are made in Denmark especially for animal care and feature nonstick operation for better feeding control. (Note: The o-rings on these syringes last a long time; however, the markings are non-toxic ink that washes off very quickly.) Also available in luer-lock.

  • Washable and reusable again and again
  • Each syringe is sterile-packed and BPA-free
  • Black markings for easier reading
  • Non-toxic Ink
  • .5 ml, 1 ml, and 3 ml will fit all of our nipples except the Large Miracle Nipple.
  • 5 ml will not fit Miracle Nipples snugly, but will fit Silicone Mothering Nipples.


What's the difference between slip-tip and luer lock?

Slip-tip syringes have a long smooth tip.

  • Can be used with or without a nipple for feeding.
  • Available in .5 ml, 1 ml, 3 ml, and 5 ml sizes.

Luer-lock syringes have a short threaded barrel that will accept nipples and also screw-on needles (not sold here).

  • Must be used with a nipple for feeding.
  • Fits all of our nipples including the Large Miracle Nipple.
  • Available in 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, and 20 ml sizes.
  • Fits all of our nipples including the Large Miracle Nipple.
Henry Recommends...
  • .5 ml - 3 ml for small mammals such as mice, squirrels, bunnies - birth to weaning
  • 3 ml - 5 ml for kittens and puppies - birth to 3 weeks
  • 5 ml - 20 ml for kittens and puppies 3 weeks and older, and for larger mammals
  • Buy at least 3 syringes for each baby
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34 Reviews

  • 5
    do not stick!!!

    Posted by Autumn on 28th Aug 2017

    the numbers wear off after a few washes so cover with clear nail polish, but they do not stick!!!!!!! woooohooooo!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Diane L Goodbrake on 12th Aug 2017

    Keep working when others without O ring get stuck and break. Will be sure to keep these on hand for pet meds.

  • 5
    Must have!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2017

    These are by far the best...we have used for formula feeding and med giving.

  • 5
    Perfect for baby cottontail bunnies

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2017

    As the bunnies are feeding, the syringe will move down on its own. This helps to prevent aspiration on the baby cottontails.

  • 5
    Rescued squirrel

    Posted by Tammy Wiggin on 5th May 2017

    Love this product I have tried different syringes and bottles but could never get proper flow or be able to see proper amount be given. With these I can see perfectly and measure properly to be sure it is getting enough to eat

  • 5
    Easier feedings

    Posted by Tina on 2nd May 2017

    I've been buying syringes from Atwood's and TSC. After a few feedings they would get hard to dispense the formula to whatever I was feeding and on some the rubber would actually come off inside the syringe. These slip tip o ring syringes are awesome! After many feedings they still flow smoothly. Definitely worth getting.

  • 5
    Makes feeding smooth and easy.

    Posted by Cindy Stevens on 14th Apr 2017

    This is a great syringe for feeding little ones and even older, the little guy I have wants to chew it but that's a squirrel for ya. It glides so easy, delivers the right amount of formula so they don't get choked. Love It! I am ordering a bigger syringe since he has gotten so big now. I would suggest this for any age. But you have to refill it so ofter after they are about 4 weeks or older.

  • 5
    Miracle Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringes are awesome!

    Posted by Michelle O. (Tampa, FL) on 12th Apr 2017

    I've purchased several repeat orders of the Miracle Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringes to use with baby squirrels that I foster. I've found the syringes to be very durable and of high quality, also very cost effective. The syringes are very easy to use and they work fabulously with the Miracle Nipples. The only thing that I find as a down side is that the numbers on the syringe fade away rather quickly after multiple cleanings. My first thought when I placed my original order, was that the nipples would be easily pulled off by the babies while they nursed. I have found that the Miracle Nipple does not easily pull off of the Miracle Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringes even with the most aggressive feeders. I have also found from experience, that the Miracle Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringes are much easier to clean and disinfect than the Luer Lock syringes. I would highly recommend Miracle Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringes to anyone who is feeding baby animals, domestic and wild.

  • 5
    Slip-tip-o-ring syringes

    Posted by Mary Cannamela on 11th Apr 2017

    I am currently using the 3 ml for baby squirrels that I am fostering. The o-ring works great for the babies so they do not have to work so hard for their food. These are the best ones that I have used.

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