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Henry's vitamin and mineral supplements are specially made to meet the nutrient needs of all squirrel species. Unlike other pet vitamins, ours are made with pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals, so they meet the highest standards of purity and quality.

  • Henry's Healthy Vita-Mins - For people who like to make their own squirrel blocks. Can also be used to make a liquid syringable food for squirrels that cannot eat solids due to illness, injury, or tooth problems. Comes with dosing instructions and a "Nutrition Shake" recipe.
  • Henry's Healthy Protein Powder - A combination of pure whey protein isolate and wheat protein isolate for a better balance of amino acids. Use to make your own squirrel blocks or add protein to the Nutrition Shake.
  • Henry's Healthy Calcium Powder - For treating metabolic bone disease (MBD). Pure, tasteless calcium carbonate in an easy-to-dose powder. Comes with a measuring and dosing guide.
  • MBD Treatment Kit - Includes a bag of Picky Blocks, plus our powdered calcium, vitamin, and protein supplements, and a syringe for dosing. Also includes our MBD Treatment guide.