About Us

The Henry's Healthy Blocks Story

Back in 2008 we found ourselves taking care of two nonreleasable squirrels, Henry and Hazel. Once they were weaned, they refused to eat commercial rat blocks, the only nutritionally complete option at the time. Knowing how important complete nutrition is for small pets, we decided to create a tasty, nut-based block. We used the nutrient requirements of rats, just like in regular rat blocks, but we packed it with whole grains and fresh ground nuts. Since nothing was too good for our "fur babies" we used only the finest "human quality" ingredients and also left out the preservatives, fillers, fish meal, meat by-products, and other "junk." We also consulted with top experts in animal nutrition to make sure our recipe was nutritionally sound.

Henry and Hazel loved them! And we saw the difference right away, especially in Henry, who had always had dull, coarse fur. After just a few weeks eating the blocks his fur became soft, shiny, and full. In fact, he earned a new nickname: "Mr. Silky." Other people wanted the blocks for their squirrels, and so Henry's Healthy Pet Foods was born. Now we bring Henry's quality to other small pets such as hamsters, rats and mice. We constantly hear from our customers what a difference Henry's Healthy products have made for their pets. It's a good feeling and it's why we'll never compromise on quality.