MBD Treatment Kit - for Calcium Deficiency in Squirrels

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  • MBD Kit includes Picky Blocks, Calcium, and a 3 ml syringe
  • Calcium label
  • Picky Blocks
  • 3 ml syringe
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Important: If your squirrel is showing any symptoms of MBD, you must begin calcium treatment immediately - even before your MBD kit arrives! Use Tums according to the Emergency Treatment for MBD guide.

Henry’s exclusive MBD Treatment Kit includes everything you need to provide emergency treatment for Metabolic Bone Disease. MBD is a fatal calcium deficiency that is common in pet squirrels and flying squirrels, who struggle to get sufficient calcium in their diet. Henry’s Blocks are the only food supplement specifically designed to ensure squirrels get consistent doses of calcium to keep them healthy and help them thrive.

  • Pure Calcium Carbonate Powder (100 grams) for administering the extra calcium your squirrel needs.
  • 3 mL Slip-Tip syringe for administering calcium orally.
  • Picky Blocks - our tastiest formula, to make it easier to get your squirrel eating a healthy diet.
  • Instructions for treating MBD and for changing their eating habits to ensure they are eating a well-rounded diet to prevent MBD from recurring.

Blocks are Perishable! Freeze Immediately!

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